Introducing myself

My name is Dorien. In my first blog I’d like to introduce myself. I live in a little village in the northern part of the Netherlands. In my spare time I’d like to read, write, draw, play videogames, photograph and hang out with my family or friends. But what I’d really like to do the most is travelling.

I got my interest for travelling from my parents. They have seen a lot of countries. For example the United States where they also got married. Aged 3 years old we went to Spain. After that I fell in love with travelling and they took me to al lot of foreign countries. Later I discovered some of that, Spain, Germany, Curacao, Egypt, England and Italy. I never stopped loving the Netherlands where I already discovered the most beautiful cities and villages. I also speak a bit of Spanish and English. So please don’t pick on me if my writing isn’t that perfect. In future I’d like to see a lot of different places like Brazil, Australia, Japan, the US and more ;).

My dream is to become a traveling journalist. I knew this is what I wanted after my mom got very sick in my first year of secondary school. This really changed my idea of life and I learned to enjoy every moment of it.  At the moment I am studying journalism. And next to that I am trying to write articles about travelling in this blog. At the moment I’m still a student, so my journeys in foreign countries will be low budget or in combination with school. But I will also write about places in the Netherlands.

As you discovered by now, my blog is about traveling. I combine my articles and blogs with video’s and pictures. You can also follow me on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. The name of my blog is Dorien’s Travel Suitcase. The reason I picked this name is because my father has an old suitcase which I really love. He gave it to me so I can take along with me to my destinations. It’s kind of a suitcase where all my travel stories can be found.

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