The Hague & Scheveningen | Short Trip

One week vacation! Boy, I was so happy I finally had some me time! My parents went to Valencia in Spain(article coming soon) so I had some time to work on my blog. I decided to go to The Hague and Scheveningen. When I was younger I really wanted to live in Scheveningen, because I thought the ocean was so beautiful (I actually still think it’s really beautiful). I texted my friend Karen, if she wanted to join me. She was really excited, so we packed or bags. Karen and I are friends since secondary school. We actually don’t know how we became friends. In the beginning we didn’t even like each other. But we’ve got the same blunt humour so I think that’s why.

I woke up at 8 o’clock, took a shower, ate breakfast and hopped in my light yellow/green car to my friend’s place. We went to the station which is half an hour from her house. It wasn’t really sunny that morning (cloudy and rainy), so we were pleased the train arrived in time. This is a miracle in the Netherlands, because trains never arrive on time. The Trip took us  ± 2,5 hour. Luckily the rain stopped when we arrived in The Hague.

We were starving  when we arrived and decided to eat something. We went to a Japanese inspired café called SET Café. You can read more   about this in my other article. But when you’re visiting The Hague it’s a must  to try a Matcha at this restaurant. As we were walking along the streets back to the station we saw this little shop called Stanley and Livingstone. It’s a shop with only books about travelling. You can find here a book about any country in the world. As a travel junkie I really loved it. Besides books, you can also find other things like maps, globes, funny gadgets, journals and a lot more.

So after this visit we decided to go to Scheveningen. It’s just next to The Hague. You can take the tram which takes 15 minutes to get there. On the way you can see some beautiful places of The Hague. Like old houses or the Malieveld.

As you arrive at Scheveningen Station you see the most expensive hotel of the Netherlands: Kurhaus. It’s really big and beautiful. You can just walk inside and take the stairs to see the dining area. Here you can see the old paintings on the ceilings and walls. There are also a lot of pictures of celebrities like the Rolling Stones.

After visiting the hotel we went to the ocean. I love the ocean, because it makes me feel relaxing. Maybe also because I’m used to the forest where I grew up and I don’t go to the beach that often. It is just nice with the birds flying around, the waves and the boulevard. On the Boulevard is also a sculpture museum. When you take a boulevard walk you find some sculptures of fairy tales like Moby Dick.


On the boulevard there is a aquarium called Sea Life. I’ve been here two times before but it’s still enjoyable. My friend also thought it was fun so we went in. Unfortunately it was very busy and noisy because of a school trip. The aquarium changed a lot since last time I’ve been there and got the feeling I liked it better  when I was a kid ;). But as a child everything is prettier, more beautiful and bigger because you’re just so little I think. The things I liked the most in the aquarium where the otters, the underwater tunnel and the jellyfish :).

When we were done watching the fish swimming around, we decided to have a drink and went back to The Hague. We went down to shopping centre and of course went to the Primark, a very cheap and big Irish clothing store. But only for a couple of minutes because it was really busy. So sadly enough we didn’t buy anything.


We decided to search for a restaurant. We were in the mood to eat some tapas but we didn’t make a reservation and the restaurant was full. On our way back we walked past The King’s workings place: Noordeinde. And found an Italian restaurant where my friend ate a salmon pizza and I choose a steak with fries. After we were done eating and talking we decided to go to the Binnenhof: The political heart of the Netherlands. We took a little tour and went back to the train station. This was another beautiful day in The Hague.

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