Dining out in The Hague

Here you find my experiences of three restaurants I visited in The Hague.

Set Café | The Hague

A cute Japanese themed café. If you are a Hello Kitty fan you definitely have to visit this Cafe. The Ladies room is decorated also with Hello Kitty. A special corner inside is designed in a Hello Kitty style with pink colours and ribbons. You can also enjoy nice cheesecakes in the shape of a Hello Kitty face. But don’t worry their menu offers also a wide selection of Japanese drinks. Like the Japanese tea:  Matcha. It has a green Shrek colour that may scare you off at first but it’s really delicious. You can get it a hot or a cold drink. For some more sweetness you can get a nice dot of whipped cream on top. There are also some delicious sandwiches for a very good price. Between three and seven euros you can get the cutest lunch of The Hague. And if you want to eat out or have dinner, next to the café they also have a nice restaurant.

Set Café (8)

Big Bell | Scheveningen

At the boulevard of Scheveningen there are many restaurants and bars were you can sit and overlook the ocean. In winter, people go to the restaurants after a nice walk on the beach for a hot chocolate and a piece of pie. At the restaurant Big Bell you can also enjoy your hot drink in a classic interior, with fake bookshelves, chandeliers and paintings so you get a classic kind of feeling to be in an English style restaurant

Big Bell (2)

UNO | The Hague

Near the shopping centre of The Hague is an Italian restaurant called UNO. It has the looks like a bar which feels cosy and comfortable. For a reasonable price you can choose for example a pizza or pasta dish. The Italian seats, candles and neon sign make you feel like you’re in a modern Italian restaurant. As a nice starter I would definitely recommend the nicely baked bread with tapenade and aioli.

Restaurant UNO (3)


image (2)


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