My top 10 of places I’d love to visit one day

1. The United States

West or East I can’t choose, because the American culture attracts me from both sides. The large buildings of New York, the famous side of LA or the beautiful nature of the Rocky Mountains and Joshua Tree National Park. It’s all beautiful to me. There’s so much in the USA. I’d like to see that I probaly need more than a few weeks or months to see it all. The love for the USA flows through my veins. My parents went there on a long trip and even got married in Las Vegas. So they had a lot of pictures, stories and videos to show me. Besides that my father has his own cafetaria called “New York New York” which has a sixties look from the in and outside. And ofcourse all the other movies, stories and photos about or take place in the USA made me kind of interessted. My conclusion: I grew up with stories of the USA, but now it’s time to see it myself.

2. Japan

The country that’s famous for its technology, video games, cartoons, (incredible)food and amazing culture. I love the style of Japan, because it really gives me this foreign country feeling. Besides that, they have some beautiful nature and the cities are just overwhelming. There are plenty of videos and photos online, but I can’t stop watching them. When I would go to Japan I love to visit Tokyo and Kyoto. On photos they look just like imaginary cities to me. I can’t wait to see them live!

3. Australia

3The same story actually as the US. I can’t make a choice which places I would like to visit. There are so many beautiful places. My real inspiration came from primary school when I had to make an essay about Australia. I thought the culture and history was really interesting. And I actually still think it is. Besides relatives of me live in the Western part of Australia(Perth area), which is really awesome. So when I visit Australia I will definitely going to see them.

4. Disney

I’VE NEVER BEEN TO DISNEY… I know it’s really unbelievable. I always wanted to visit it though and see all the characters and attractions. My parents didn’t take me there because they wanted me to be older, not to forget all the memories of it. I think that’s a good reason. But I will definitely visit it at least once in my life. Maybe it’s in one of the places in the top three of my list, like Florida and Tokyo. I think it’s probably going to be Paris, because of the distance from where I live. In that case I can also see the wonderful Paris.

5. Brazil

5An essay for my secondary school was about Brazil. Maybe I should write more essays to find out which countries I should visit next. This essay was about everything: Economy, nature, food, the people. Literally everything. I worked on it for a whole day until my computer crashed and I realised I forgot to save it. I had to rewrite everything the next day, that way I learned a lot about this country. In my opinion it has one of the most beautiful natures of the whole world. Besides, Rio de Janeiro is one of the coolest cities I’ve ever seen. Enough reasons to add it to the list.

6. Spain

Although I’ve visited some islands of Spain a few times already, I’d really like to see other sides of the country as well. I love the Spanish language(next to Dutch and English) and the culture. For that reason I took some Spanish classes at secondary school. I’ve learned a lot about the culture and the country and I would love to see more.


7. United Kingdom

A cup of tea after a day of sightseeing? I would love to. I’ve been to London with school a few years ago, but I haven’t seen all the things I wanted. So why not go back. After all who doesn’t love the streets and buildings of London with it’s beautiful history. There are also a lot of other beautiful places in the UK. For example Brighton(south of London) with it’s beautiful beach or Scotland with all the hills and ranges.

8. Tibet

Just a bunch of photos, movies, games and books inspired me with their wonderful stories about Tibet. The most beautiful mountains, animals, people and culture made me dream about this incredible part of China.



9. Cuba


The atmosphere and architecture of this Island just does it for me. Besides it has some really interesting history and probably also fascinating people that I like to explore for myself. A presentation during Spanish class and a chapter of my history book, convinced me to have to go!


10. Hawaii


The weather, mother nature and the whole aloha-feeling just does it for me. No need to say anything more!





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