Dorien’s Travel Suitcase 2016!

Hello travellers,

I haven’t been writing on my blog for quite a while and it’s a new year! Last year I started this travel blog and I’ve been to so many amazing places in and outside the Netherlands. From the beginning of august I was doing my internship at the Dutch newspaper. It’s so amazing and cool to see your stories, pictures and name on paper and the internet. Some reactions of readers were amazing and so nice. I’ve also met some nice people and seen fantastic places. After my internship I flew to Finland. I’m studying here in the winter wonderland! And it’s fantastic!!

Reading an article from the Dutch newspaper in Finland

Reading an article from the Dutch newspaper in Finland

So what stories can you expect this year?
First I know I haven’t finished writing about Berlin. I will continue this story while I’m working on others and maybe in another context. But what are the new places that I’m going to write about?
• Finland. Of course I can’t forget my new home of snow and cold, but I won’t do an everyday blog. That would be too much. I will probably write a monthly blog or just stories about different sightseeings.
• Foreign countries I visited last year! I will write some short stories about my time in places I visited last year. Which countries? That’s a surprise. 😉
• Dutch places. The Netherlands are still in my heart and I visited some wonderful villages and city’s last year. For example Amsterdam and Egmond aan Zee.

Now I’m really busy with school, but I’ll still try to write as much as I can for this blog. I like to make my stories perfect and that takes a lot of time. 🙂 So look forward to some interesting stories and more traveling in 2016!

~ Dorien

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