Best of January | Finland

The first month of my stay in Finland. It’s going so fast already! To summarise this first week in Finland.. Well it’s snow and cold, but so beautiful. And I met some amazing people from all over the world ❤ In ‘The best of January’ I’ll write about the best things that happened to me this month and are also interesting for travellers. Here are the best things of January.

I will start with the city I’m living in these 5 months. Because it may not be so famous or touristic there is enough to discover. I sleep, eat and study in this city. So the things I write about will probably be close to Jyväskylä.

So I study at the University of Jyväskylä. The buildings are spread over the city and sometimes you have to walk a few minutes to get to your next class. The city is not so big, but also not that small, which I really like.  Some buildings in the city are designed by the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto and also some buildings of the university. There is even a museum of the architect, which I hope to visit in the future.

One of the buildings of the university, where I have my English lessons, is situated at a big lake called Jyväsjärvi. During this month the lake looked stunning with snowy trees and mountains on the background and a big ice-skating road made out of the snow. With some friends I went skating two times and it was amazing. You can buy some skates at a second-hand shop or rent skates at a small place in the (also beautiful) harbour.

At the harbour there is also a nice theatre called Paviljonki Jyväskylä. A beautiful theatre with a modern style. Perfect for a night out or visiting an interesting event. In the theatre I watched a performance of ballroom dancers with music of the Jyväskylan orchestra. It was a wonderful night.

Sauna experience
Normally I’m not a big fan of sauna’s, but of course while you’re in Finland you have to try a sauna. I’ve been with a large group to a sauna experience. We visited a place called Savutuvan Apaja, that’s just outside the city. Not only can you enjoy the sauna, but there is also a nice restaurant.


We first tried a normal sauna and after that we went in a smoke sauna. With some black spots on my face and arms from the smoke sauna I went out after 20 minutes and walked back into the cold air. As I put my feet in the snow I couldn’t feel the cold at all, which was weird but so amazing at the same time. I went into the ice water and it also wasn’t that cold. An amazing experience! When visiting Finland I would definitely recommend anyone to try this.


Unesco church
Another unforgettable moment was seeing the wooden Unesco church Petäjävesi. The landscapes of lakes and trees in Finland are never boring to look at. And also the nature in Petäjävesi is stunning.

24012016 (81)

The church is completely made out of wood and was built in 1763-1764. Especially the chandelier in the middle of the church and the roof are amazing to see. During the summer the church is open every day and in the winter you have to make a reservation. The entree fee for adults is 6 euros and a guided tour is 10 euros per group.

24012016 (46)

Red Bull Crashed Ice
In Jyväskylä the famous event Red Bull Crashed Ice took place, which I saw a couple of times on the television. I had to go! Seeing the ice skaters jump and race with high speed was incredible and also the atmosphere of the event is so nice. If you get the chance to see this event you’ll have to go. But dress really warm, because it’s going to be some hours standing in the cold snow.

If you have any suggestions or tips for my blog please send them to me through one of my social media channels (You can find the links bellow) or write it in a comment. Thanks for reading ❤

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