Best of February | Finland

February is over, so that means a new ‘The best of…’! Last month I’ve experienced some great moments and amazing places again. The weeks are going really fast and I can’t believe it’s already March. But for now here are the best moments of February.

Old houses
I love the colourful Finnish wooden houses. And in Jyväskylä there are some really pretty ones. For example in Toivola Old Courtyard. In this old Finnish houses you get a feeling of being back in the old days. Inside some of the buildings are little shops that you can visit.

There is also a really nice café called Kahvila Muisto, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a nice slice of cake. It was delicious! ❤

Another old, but also nice house to drink something and relax is The Kuokkala Manor. A large house that was constructed in 1904. In the 1990’s it was restore and nowadays you can visit it and drink a cup of coffee in one of the differently decorated rooms, where you can enjoy the lovely view from one of the windows and the paintings on the walls.

Jyväskylä has some nice museums and I visit two of them this month. First the Natural History Museum of Central Finland, which is probably my favourite of the two. Here you can see the animals that live in Central Finland. There is also some information about nature, for example the different plants and stones you can find in the area. The museum isn’t really big, but is worth a visit.

The other museum I visited was the Museum of Central Finland. Also a nice place, where you can learn more about the history of Jyväskylä and the area around it. You can see the main exhibitions, but there are also some changing exhibitions with themes related to the cultural history.

On the 5th of February Finland celebrates the birthday of the national poet Ludvig Runeberg (1804-1877). To celebrate they serve little cakes with raspberry jam in cafés. This because the poet used to eat these cakes for breakfast. Now we can enjoy those sweet delicious treads on the 5th and that’s definitely not a bad thing.

The place where I ate my Runeberg cake was in a café called Wilhelmiinan Konditoria, but we just like to call it Wilhelmina. You can find it in an old pink building at the corner of a street at the city centre. I really like this place and go there sometimes to eat some cake and talk with friends.

A view
In the building of the Natural History Museum of Central Finland you can also take the stairs to the top of the tower to enjoy a wonderful and amazing view of the city. It’s really nice to see the city and the lake at daylight, but when it’s dark you can see all the beautiful lights shining from the buildings and the bridge. Perfect for photos.

In the tower is also a restaurant, called Vesilinna Restaurant, where you can eat or drink something and still enjoy the amazing view from your table.

This month I’ve also been to the city Tampere. Because there is so much to write about this place I will post another story about Tampere in the future.

Thanks for reading my blog! ❤ If you have any suggestions or tips for my blog please send them to me through one of my social media channels (You can find the links bellow) or write it in a comment.

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