Tampere | Short Trip

A group of friends and I decided to go to Tampere, a city close to Jyväskylä. We left early from the travel centre and it took us around 2 hours to get to our destination. During the ride I enjoyed the beautiful landscapes of Finland with its snowy trees and frozen lakes.

When we got out of the bus we decided to take a walk around the city. I really like Tampere, because of its old factory buildings and beautiful houses. Nowadays also a lot of students live in Tampere, which keeps the city trendy and young.IMG_0777IMG_0799

We started to walk down the river and after that we visited a market hall in the city centre. The smell of food is amazing when you walk in. So the perfect place to try some things of the typical Finnish cuisine. For example we tried a karelian pasty and it was delicious! ❤ Next to this it’s a nice place to explore and take a look at all the different products they sell.After the little break at the market hall we walked to the Tampere Art Museum. Here you can see different types of art, mostly Finnish art from the early 19th century and onwards. It was really nice to see the Finnish art and the different styles of paintings and drawings. Also Moominvalley, the museum of the famous books of Tove Jansson, is also located in the same building of the Tampere Art Museum. I used to watch the television program as a kid and it was really interesting to know more about the stories, drawings and the Moomins. It surprised me that some of the stories have such a deep meaning.When we were done looking around in the museum we went to the observation tower, which is located in an amusement park. The park is closed during the winter period and it’s very strange to walk around in a place like this with empty roller coasters and no screaming people. However we went to the top of the tower and the view was amazing. It was a beautiful day. The blue sky and the white snow on the lake made the view even better.IMG_0882

Our last stop in Tampere was the Alexander Church. It’s a really nice church to see on the in- and outside. People were singing when we walked in, which made the moment even more beautiful. After this we went to see some other nice buildings in Tampere and walked back to our bus. It was definitely a place worth visiting!



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