Best of March | Finland

The months are going so fast. It’s already April. Only two months left and then I’m going to leave this beautiful country. At the end of March I finished a lot of courses so that means also time for more traveling. But March was also a month of seeing wonderful places and having unforgettable experiences. Here is the new ‘Best of …’

Hiking in the snow
In Jyväskylä are some different hiking tracks. I had chosen a smaller one close to the city centre. It was located in a small forest area with a river next to the walking path. Normally these tracks should be walked in the spring, because then you can read the signs that give information about the nature in the area. And now the track was sometimes a little slippery. But the snow and ice created also some amazing landscapes and wonderful photos. At the end of the track I saw an old factory, which looked beautiful in this winter wonderland.

Harjun Paperi
This is a little shop close to the University. For a unique postcard you have to be at this place. It’s hard to choose between all the cute and beautiful postcard designs. Besides postcards they also sell a lot of other nice things, mostly made out of paper. My travel heart couldn’t resist and I bought wrapping paper with a world map design. Nice to wrap in gifts, but I’m going to put it in a frame and hang it on my wall. ❤

Jyväskylän kaupunginteatteri
This theatre in Jyväskylä can provide you a nice night out. I experienced this when I went to see a violin contest. The inside of the theatre was really nice to see and the performances where great. Also the café, where you can drink a nice cup of coffee or a glass of wine during the break, gives that extra cultural feeling with all the old posters on the wall.

The best part of March was definitely my trip to Lapland. It was so amazing that I’m going to write a long story about it and make a video. Santa, huskies and a lot of snow are all included.

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