Best of April | Finland

April wasn’t the best month of my stay in Finland. I visited Turku, where I became ill and I had to go to the hospital the next morning. I had to stay there for a few days and when I came back home I was still very weak. Luckily I’m feeling much better. However I have also done some great things that I like to share with you in ‘Best of April’.

Kuokkala church
In Jyväskylä I went to a music concert in the Kuokkala church. The modern building is not a common design for a church. But it’s really nice to see and also the inside (especially the ceiling) is really nice to look at. Unfortunately we didn’t really see the music players, but we could enjoy the inside of the church.

Baking time
Before going to Turku I had planned a baking day at the house of two nice Finnish people I met during my time in Jyväskylä. On this day we made Karelian pasty’s and Pulla. It was a lot of fun and really delicious.

In Turku I had the worst experience of the month, but also the nicest. There were beautiful sightseeings and nice places to relax. Little yellow flowers introduced the beginning of spring and it was wonderful to just sit at the waterside of the river and enjoy the beautiful weather. (A longer story will be published later 😉 )

The teahouse
In Jyväskylä you can eat delicious cakes in different places. And the following place is one of them. Teeleidi is a teahouse close to the railway station. The house has a Finnish style on the outside and gives a cozy feeling on the inside. You can choose all kinds of tea and just relax and talk with your friends. Enough reasons why a lot of students and locals like to drink their cup of tea at the Teeleidi.

Panda Factory
As you probably know by now I really like cake, but I’m also a really big fan of chocolate. So I couldn’t resist a visit to the Panda Factory. I bought two different chocolate bars and some Finnish liquorice. Besides to the nice taste the panda on the packages is just really cute.

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