Best of May | Finland

The end of the adventure is here. I’m back home in the Netherlands looking at the last pages of my travel diary and thinking about an amazing time in Finland. How I’m going to miss the beautiful places I visited and the wonderful friends I made. These memories will stay in my mind forever, but for now let’s enjoy my last month in Finland with the ‘Best of May’.

Ähtäri Zoo
With a few friends I have been to this beautiful zoo. I really liked it because the animal cages fit to the landscape and it feels like taking a walk in the forest.

You can see animals that live in Finland, like reindeers, lynxes, wolves and bears. When I visited the zoo there were little baby bears who played outside. I personally loved the owls and wild cats, because they’re my favourite animals, but I can’t deny that the red panda looked extremely cute.

This little village in Finland is a nice place to visit for a day. So I went here with two friends to take a look around. First we walked around the square where there was a market. After this we went to the observation tower. Unfortunately it was closed, but the view from over the rock walls was still beautiful.

After enjoying the wonderful view we went to the church which is located in the middle of a road. On the way we saw some beautiful old coloured houses. The church looked really beautiful with the shadows of all the trees on it. But what made it really unique was the cars driving around it.

Or next point on the map was this old train wagon which was also closed, but we could see a little bit from the inside through the windows. After realising everything was closed we took a last look at the church in the centre and enjoyed or last time in Mikkeli with an ice cream at the lake.

Enjoying nature!
This month I also spent a lot of time in the beautiful nature of Finland. The most wonderful part of the country to me. Not only the magical white landscapes in the winter but also the green forests in spring can look stunning. So I went to the national park ‘Julmat Lammit’ to take a hiking pad with stunning views. With lakes, beautiful rocks and sometimes even berries it was an excellent hiking trip.

But the fun was not over yet. We drove to the highest point of Finland where there is an observation tower to get a beautiful view of the area. Little signs on the side show which direction you’re facing. A view of only trees and the peaceful sound of the wind give you a feeling like there is nobody around you.

But even if we didn’t see much lakes on top of the tower I know by now Finland has a lot. In May I also went rowing, which was incredible.

At the end of the month I decided to take a walk around the big lake in Jyväskylä: Jyväsjärvi. The walk is around 12,6 kilometres and perfect on a sunny day. The nature along the road and the views over the lake are a great combination for a perfect walk.

In the last week of my stay in Finland I went to Helsinki to explore this beautiful city. It was really nice and I can’t wait to tell you guys more about it in a new blog 😉



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