Jimmy Nelson | Photographer

For a long time I wanted to write something about this photographer on my blog. Why? Because he is a great inspiration to me and I can’t get enough of his photos. It started when I saw this documentary on television about this photographer who made incredible pictures of tribes all over the world. I study journalism and I have always been in love with photography and so I became interested in the stories and pictures that this man made with his camera.

Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson worked on the project called ‘Before They Pass Away’ between 2010 and 2014. He photographed different tribes around the world. During this project he wanted to create a photographic memory of them and get to know how other people wanted to change their way of life.

Jimmy Nelson - Dropka, India.

Jimmy Nelson – Dropka, India.

Later I discovered there was going to be an exhibition of him in the Africa Museum in Berg en Dal, the Netherlands. And in 2014 he gave a reading and also you could get a picture made made by him. Of course I had to go! It was in the south of the Netherlands and I live in the north so I had to go early in the morning. I packed my bag some money and went in my car to the museum. I was really on time so I went to the women at the cash register to get my ticket.

Jimmy Nelson - Nenet, Russia

Jimmy Nelson – Nenet, Russia.

When I see the first photo hanging in the museum there is also a big queue waiting next to it to go into the hall were the reading is going to take place. It’s really busy and the event should start any minute. A women points to the queue and shouts: “Who wants to go inside has to go now! The doors are closing.” I get into the hall as fast as I can. All the seats are taken and I decide to sit on the ground between the chairs. The reading was amazing and I really admired the stories he told about the tribes and traveling around the world. For example I really like this story about the Kazakh tribe from Mongolia who hunt with eagles.

Jimmy Nelson - Kazakh, Mongolia

Jimmy Nelson – Kazakh, Mongolia

Also he tells something more about himself and why he chose to do this work. A really impressive story in which you could hear the love for photography and traveling that I see in myself. After the reading I went to the room where the pictures were going to be made. Unfortunately I couldn’t let the picture be taken by Jimmy, but by his assistant, because he had to go to the birthday of one of his children. Still the photo was so amazing to me and a good memory from this day.

Jimmy Nelson - Cover Before They Pass Away

Jimmy Nelson – Cover Before They Pass Away

Then finally I got to see the pictures of ‘Before They Pass Away’. And it was stunning. The stories on the walls, the portraits of different people and the beautiful landscapes of all this countries made me feel like the moment I hear a beautiful song on the radio. It gave me goose bumps and I decided the last thing I could do was to buy his book from the money I got for my last birthday. Jimmy you will always be a big inspiration to me!

For more information go to www.jimmynelson.com


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