Turku | Short Trip

During my time in Finland I have been to Turku, which is a place in the south-west of Finland. Here you go to take a ferry to Sweden, but you can also enjoy the beautiful city itself. I really enjoyed my day trip and saw a lot of things.

I stayed the night in a very unique place, an old ship. It is called the S/S Borea and it was an old cruise ship. It is a very nice hostel and it looks beautiful on the outside. You can find the ship in the harbour next to the Marine Museum.

A few minutes walking from the hostel is the Turku castle. I really like castles and this one was really interesting. I would really recommend to visit it to learn more about the history of Turku and the castle itself. The museum is quite big and there is a lot of information and things to see. I visited it in the morning which was really nice, because it was not that busy.

After the castle I walked beside the river to the Biological museum. You can see what animals live in the area around Turku, but also in other parts of Finland. It’s quite small, but it was really interesting and also the outside of the house is really nice to see.


Turku is really nice during the beginning of spring, because of the weather and to give you the ultimate spring feeling there are daffodils everywhere. The buildings in the centre are also really nice and make some great pictures. The market halls are always an eye catcher in Finnish cities and also the one in Turku. Around the market square in the centre you find all the shopping malls and also some old beautiful buildings.


There are some good modern and trendy places and they even have a map that you can get at one of these shops that shows all these cool shops and cafes. For example Kui Design, which is a really nice local place. They sell local items, but also for example really nice travel stuff for us travel lovers.



The last thing I did and that you definitely have to see in Turku are the churches. One is the Turku Cathedral which has some beautiful paintings on the inside walls. Another one is the St Michael’s Church. I haven´t been inside but the outside is already amazing.



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