Paleis Het Loo | Short Trip

On a sunny day in The Netherlands I went with my Japanese friend to this beautiful palace in Apeldoorn. This palace belonged to the Oranges, the Dutch Royal Family, but since 1984 it is open for public.

First we walk to the stables to see the horses and old cars. Already really interesting but before we continue we first have to get something to eat. After a delicious lunch we follow the path that leads to the big palace.

The palace is really nice with all the classic furniture and beautiful old paintings. If you are walking trough the rooms it feels like somebody is still living here. Little details are everywhere. For example the flowers are replaced every week. “It gives the visiters a welcoming feeling”, according to one of the guards.

Through one of the windows we can see the beautiful garden with big fountains and colourful flowers. When we stand outside we can hear the water of the fountains and singing birds in the trees. A really relaxing atmosphere. Also the view of the palace from the back of the garden is wonderful. Enough reasons to take lots of pictures.

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