Lapland | Long Trip | Part 2

The third day we went to the thing I was most excited about: The husky farm. I love dogs and already as a child it was always my dream to go on a husky ride. But before we went there we stopped at this other beautiful lake were we walked and just enjoyed the moment. After that it was time. We went to Rami’s Husky Farm where I booked a husky ride for our group.

First we looked around and then we got the instructions on how to ride the sleight. Wait? What? My friends all looked at me and I could see in their eyes they asked me: “Dorien, Did you know we had to ride this thing ourselves?” And no I didn’t know this. So we made pairs and half of my friends were still in fear and mentally preparing that they had to control the brakes themselves. But the ride was amazing. It gives you a trill and makes you feel really adventurous to ride on the white snow with those dogs. It was one of the best experiences during my time in Finland. The farm itself was also really good. The people are really nice and they take really good care of the dogs. At the end of the ride we could spend some time with the dogs, take photos and eat sausages at the fireplace.

One of my friends really wanted to see reindeers. So we asked the owner of the farm if he knew were we would have a chance to see some. He told us the way to one farm were we could see them. “Drive until you see a parking place at the right and go left, you then see a red house at your left and later you will see the farm at your right.” After some searching we found the place. It was really nice to see the reindeers and look around.

When the night was over and we started to pack the car in the morning we were a little bit sad to leave this place. But we had to drive to our next destinations. Unfortunately we had some problems on the way and we also had to drive back to the hostel. So we went to the Arktikum Science Museum in Rovaniemi. It was a really interesting museum.

After spending some time at the museum we went to Oulu were we booked an Air Bnb. First we were kind of scared to walk in this building with all lose cables and a scary elevator, but we had a sleeping place and that’s all that matters.

The next day we spend the whole day in Oulu. It is a nice city especially to see the old buildings and church. We also visited this pancake restaurant were we had some amazing pancakes. One with a topping with reindeer and the other one with white chocolate and berries. But the most special was the sea. Well it was more like an endless white icy background, but so beautiful. Next we had to go to the bus to go back home, but I will never forget the beauty, cold and joy of Finnish Lapland.



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