Top 10 | Products that travellers will love

As I am a real fan of travelling here are 10 great product that every traveller would love to have in their daily life. All these products are available in the webshop of the Dutch store Het Reishoekje

Travel Diary for all your stories | €6,99

As I have a passion for both traveling and writing I always like to write my experiences on paper after a long traveling day. It can be great to read your own experiences of your past travels. You can take a notebook or a real diary. And it is also a great gift for a friend who is going to travel for a longer time.

World Globes |  €39,00

I’m in love with world globes. Especially the ones with old maps. They are just great to look at, but are also really cool as decoration inside your house. Beside the vintage style I also love the modern ones where you can be creative and add something from you own travels. For example this globe where you can write something on it with crayon.

An everyday Diary | €13,95

Maybe it’s still a little bit old-school to have a diary. But for me it works the best and I still write all my appointments and events in it. For example this one from Lonely Planet, which also has some inspirational travel quotes in it.

Crayon World Map | €34,95

You can literally colour your world with this world map. Grab some crayons and get creative!

Powerbank | €13,95

I still have to buy one of these. I think it’s super useful. Especially when you are traveling around or camping and you don’t have a nearby place to power up your phone.  This one has a cool design and you can also hang it on your keychain or bag.

Travel Mug | €14,95

A nice hot beverage can’t be missed on a road trip to your next destination. I like to keep them in these nice travel mugs to keep the drink warm. Also it just looks really cool. I really like this mug to keep yourself in a travel mood.

A Carpet of the World | €114,95

I think this product is my favourite out of all of them. A cosy carpet for in your living room or office and with the world map on it… Can it get any better? I really like this blue design, but there is also another design in purple.

Piggy Bank | €10,95

Traveling is wonderful, but can also cost a lot of money. Piggy banks are important to safe those coins. And what better way than to do it in this cute little suitcase. It’s a small investment, but it will be worth it.

Old Maps | €9,95

I really love world maps. If I would buy every old map that I like the walls of my house would be full with them. But as a traveller you have to get at least one.

Calendar | €14,99

This lovely 2017 Lonely Planet calendar fits in every travellers home. It includes 12 beautiful travel pictures and enough space to plan all your trips for this year.

Would you like to have this calendar on your wall? Now you have a chance to win it! Look on my Facebook page for more information.




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