Hello ❤

My name is Dorien, a Dutch girl who has a passion for writing and photographing. But what I’d really like to do the most is travelling. I got my interest for travelling from my parents, who have seen a lot of countries. For example the United States where they also had the crazy idea to get married in Las Vegas.

Aged 3 years old we went to Spain, which was my first time in a plane. I was really scared at first, but didn’t want to leave the plane after we landed. After that first trip I fell in love with travelling. My parents took me to al lot of foreign countries and later I discovered some of them myself. I never stopped loving the Netherlands where I already discovered the most beautiful cities and villages. I also speak a bit of Spanish and English, but please don’t pick on me if my writing isn’t that perfect. In future I’d like to see a lot of different places like Brazil, Australia, Japan, the US and more ;).

My dream is to become a traveling journalist. I knew this is what I wanted after my mom got very sick in my first year of secondary school. This really changed my idea of life and I learned to enjoy every moment of it. That’s why I studied journalism to follow my passions and learn more about them. On this blog I want to stay writing about my journeys. About foreign countries, but also places in The Netherlands.

As you discovered by now, my blog is about traveling. I combine my articles and blogs with videos and pictures. You can also follow me on InstagramYouTube, Twitter and Facebook. The name of my blog is Dorien’s Travel Suitcase. The reason I picked this name is because my father has an old suitcase which I really love. He gave it to me so I can take along with me to my destinations. It’s kind of a suitcase where all my travel stories can be found.

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